A long the Wild Atlantic Way

I hope you like this lesson It has over 50 steps.
The scene depicted is of flowers in bloom along the Wild Atlantic Way which is a 500mile scenic pathway along the west coast of Ireland.

A long the Wild Atlantic Way

Remember... You can already paint!




Raw Sienna Burnt Umber Paynes Grey Alizarin Crimsom Cobalt Blue Lemon Yelow and White Gouache
Brushes 1 and 1 /2 and 3/4 inch Simply Painting Goathair Brushes and No 3 Rigger brush
A sheet 14 x 10 inch 300gm watercolour paper
Pallete ,clothes, water container, pencil, ruler, masking tape and a 16 x 12 inch board on which to affix your paper

"You can use any materials but I would recommend using the Simply Painting materials."
Frank Clarke

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  Step 1

With your ruler draw the horizon line about 4 inches up the paper


 Step 2  Make sure it is straight


 Step 3

Now lets start with the Sky

Using the 1 1/2 inch Simply Painting Brush mix water and some Raw Sienna

 wet the paper right down to the horizon line 

Step 4

Stop at the Horizon line


 Step 5

Add in some Cobalt Blue to your brush and starting at the top of the page paint in the sky

 Step 6

Keep going down the page

 Step 7

Leaving agap in the centre paint some blue just above the Horizon line

 Step 8

Add some Paynes Grey to your brush and starting at top of page paint in some darker clouds

 Step 9

Add in some darker clouds as you go down the page

 Step 10

Let the sky dry or dry using a hairdryer if you like

 Step 11 That completes the sky




Now change to your 3/4 inch brush and using amixture of cobalt blue and Paynes Grey

=make sure it is not too dark-  paint in the distant mountains


Step 13 Make sure the mountains are dry Add in some Raw Sienna and

 paint in the middle ground

Step 14 Stay above horizon line


 Step 15 Now Let's paint the sea,Completely clean your brush

Using some Cobalt Blue and plenty of water  for a light mixture paint right along under the horizon line



Step 16 Keep going across under the horizon line.....

 Step 17  ....to about halfway down the paper

Take a look at finished painting



 Step 18  Now take your pencil and draw in the outline of the land

Step 19 Clean your 3/4  brush and using a mixture of 50% Raw Sienna and 50.% Lemon Yelow

paint in the outline of the foreground

 Step 20 Make the land a little wider

 Step 22 Using the same mixture paint in the grass that is growing between the rocks on the right


Step 23   Now take your pencil and draw in the road


Step 24 Using a light mixture of Paynes Grey paiont in the rocks on the right

 Step 25 Keep going



Step 25 Do the same on the left hand side 

 Step 26  Make these rocks a little darker as they are in shadow

Step 27  Once again clean your brush and using Burnt Umber and paint in the dark area on the bank on the right


 Step 29 Without cleaning your brush add some Alizarin Crimson and paint in the heather on left

 Step  30 Keep going 



Step 31 Keep going

 Step 32 Clean your brush again and with some Paynes Grey paint in the road

 Step 32 Now Clean your brush and using a mix of Lemon Yellow and Raw sienna paint in some light grass above the rocks

 Step 33 Now down betwen the rocks


 Step 34     Keep looking at finished painting

Step 35  And now back to the left hand side which is more in sahdow

Mix some Cobalt Blue and Lemon Yellow to paint in some greener grass between the rocks

 Step 36 Keep going


 Step 37 That completes the grass on the left


Step 38  Now lets move on to the other bank and paint in the dark areas on the right



Step 39  Keep going


Step 40 Change to the rigger and with a mixture of Burnt Umber and Cobalt Blue paint in the shadows on the rocks


  Step 41 Look at finished picture and keep going

 Step 42 Keep going

 Step 43 Change to the 1 /12 inch brush and using a mixture of dark green 60% Lemon Yellow and

40% Cobalt Blue paint in the grass on bottom right

 Step 44  Clean your 1 1/2 brush and using a mixture of Alizaein Crimson and Burnt Umber paint in the dark areas

 Step 45 Paint both sides and then the shadow on the the road using a lttle more water to make shadow lighter

 Step 46 Now it's time for our " carrots" -people

 Step 47  And now for those beautiful wild flowers Change to the Rigger brush and using

a mixture of Alizarin Crimson and White Gouache paint in each flower using point of the brush

 Step 48  Keep going

 Step 49  Clean your brush and  continue with a mixture of Leomon Yellow and White Gouache

 Step 50 Keep going


 Step 51 Now it;s time for Joe The Bird and some friends

 Step 52 Now sign your painting

 Step 53 Well done

Well Done


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